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Thread: Rear tire lifting

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    Rear tire lifting

    Hello fellow 12th scalers!

    Little problem here. My rear inside wheel tends to lift off the ground when entering tight corners, causing the diff to spin and me to consequently slow down. How can I help prevent this from happening?

    I race on Ozite carpet, and I use Corally Jack the Gripper tire traction compound. I apply the compound to the entire surface of the rear tires, and about 3/4 of the inside of the front tires. Tires are TRC purple fronts and grey rears. Car is CRC Carpet Knife 3.1. Thanks.

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    Which front springs are you using ?

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    Your weight is being thrown to the front during turns. Try a different set-up.

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    There are many things you could try, you need to reduce roll and weight transfer through the corner so you could try stiffer front springs, reduce steering lock, reduce front additive, lower the ride height, check the oil in the rear side dampers/tubes, reduce castor. Please only try one at a time!
    A friend of mine had the same problem with his RC12L and the cause was the front wheels binding on the (non standard) track rods at full lock.
    Hope this helps.

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    reduce the stiffness of the front suspension springs or change the damper oil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scatman
    reduce the stiffness of the front suspension springs or change the damper oil.
    Nah! I'd say run stiffer front springs and then play with the amount of additive you use on the fronts.

    I had a similar problem at the wickham national last year. I ended up going stiffer on the front, using less additive, but increasing the steering lock.
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