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    hi sorry if i have put this post in the wrong place we are going to try run a heat or two at batleybuggy club at the next meeting on the 21 feb this is the first time that batley have run 1/12 so we are very new to this the computer at the moment is set up fot 4 to 5 min raceing for touring cars also we can NOT run additives so if any of u guy want to come and just for a bit of fun that would be great

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    Dan Reynolds


    i think what Pete is trying to say is that we would like to try and start 1/12th racing on saturday nights with our touring cars and this saturday will be an experiment to see what sort of turn out we get.
    the races will only be 4 minutes to start with as the computer is setup for touring cars at the moment

    who can make it??

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