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18-04-2004, 09:38 AM

Please be advised that Round 2 has been cancelled due to heavy rain in Stonehaven today (18th of April). The track is closed and the meeting will not take place.

The SDRCC committee will reschedule Round 2 and will post the new date on the forum at the earliest opportunity.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, just remember how good it is racing at sdrcc in the sun! Which will hopefully happen at some point..... :rolleyes:

SDRCC :cool:

18-04-2004, 10:44 AM
just as well i decided late last night not to bother coming up otherwise it would of been a long wasted journey just to get out and go oh look its wet here too then drive back down the road ;)

what about adding a couple of contingency dates to the race calender? that way if this round or any other meetings have to be cancelled due to bad weather everyone knows ahead of time when the re-scheduled round will take place.

18-04-2004, 09:25 PM
That's the roughly close to the plan Bryan.

We haven't rescheduled Round 2 for next Sunday (25th April) as the weather doesn't show any signs of abating.

Therefore, it's likely that we'll be next running on May 9th, the scheduled Round 3.

I think we might schedule Round 2 into June, July or August (although August is quite busy). That way, we've got a good chance of running it in decent weather.

Next possible option is to arrange for a "Race Hotline" so people can dial and get a recorded message, detailing if we are running, Championship meeting, Fun Meeting or No Meeting. This will be in place soon, but we're not sure if it'll be in place before May 9th. We'll post here to inform everyone, along with details in the May Newsletter (which will be posted before the May meeting!)

Another option might be to book a hal nearby, as a contingency, for September and October. It's also possible to use this hall for winter meetings.
Idea is that we don't cancel; we go indoors.

There is a hall local to Stonehaven, that can be got for a reasonable fee, and on a Sunday afternoon, and will give us a fall back plan. It is indoors, and is rubber floor, so discussions will have to establish if that's what the Stonehaven members want.

I think most of the s.d.r.c.c members race somewhere else indoors on such floor types and shouldn't be too upset - at least they can get some racing.

I'll probably get in trouble for posting this to the forum, as it's not finalised, and at this stage, just a suggestion (mine), but I hope everyone reading this can see that the committee is thinking of solid solutions to this weather problem.


David D
19-04-2004, 02:54 PM
The HOT LINE is a great idea although it will need to be CLEAR on the type of meeting that is going to be run. We have a long way to travel so the odds are that we would not come if it was not a Championship meeting.
Racing indoors is a good idea however the type of motor might have to be changed to a 27 turn. The 19 turn and the modifieds might be a bit quick!

David D.

19-04-2004, 04:56 PM
The hotline is a good idea but when would it be updated in the morning? We leave about 8.00am to get there for the back of 9. I'm sure most of the dundee boys and other might leave at similar times to get there early but someone would have to go down to the track and inspect it before this time in order to update the phone line.

Pretty much everyone has a moblie phone these days so what about sending out a text to everyone on the morning of the event to say what the weather is like? text mailing lists are available altho dunno how the cost would compare to a voice hotline -


19-04-2004, 05:40 PM
David D first.

Yes the plan is to have three distinct categories, as I've outlined above.
And the message will be quite brief so there's no need to hang on the phone listening.

Motors - this will self-regulate. It'll be advised that you don't need to run to the upper limit of the class you race in. Drivers would still be grouped in the class they normally race in, and the indoor results would be championship results, if that's what the members preferred. (This has still to be proposed and voted on, remember)

And these only apply if we cannot reschedule the meeting (for example, September, and it's unlikely the weather will be sunnier, later in the year.)

An idea might be, if the 2005 April meet is cancelled prior to the event, we'll reschedule for two weeks later, but at the same time, book the hall. Then if the rescheduled event is cancelled, the contingency is in place. We tried to run the April round outdoors twice, but had to conceed and resorted to running indoors instead. This should make the club more predictable in format, and guarantees fewer disappointed weekends.

Now Bryan.

The idea is to get a pay-as-you-go mobile, and record a brief message on it. The decision will be taken at 10pm on the Saturday, and the phone would be switched off once the message is recorded. Then all calls to the phone will go to the voice message.

It's a cheap option, and everyone shares the cost to call the hotline, and not drain club funds.

Sending out texts cost money, and needs someone to manage the lists of who gets a message. And that doesn't cover non-members, and means raising the membership fees to cover. No, that wouldn't be easy to work.

A simple voice message on a PAYG mobile covers all bases, and it can be put on flyers, leaflets and posters so people can call it for other club info, as well as the Race Hotline.

19-04-2004, 06:49 PM
gotcha, nice simple idea actually :)

David D
19-04-2004, 07:58 PM
Sounds good to me.

David D.

21-04-2004, 01:36 PM

I'm sure we're all very frustrated with Round 2 being cancelled, rescheduled and then weathered off for the second time! :mad:

As has been said before we were very lucky with the weather for the 2003 season and so far that luck has not continued through into 2004 :(

This message is just to answer the question about this coming Sunday, the 25th of April.


Round 2 is to be rescheduled when there is a higher probability of good weather. The sdrcc committee are holding a meeting very soon to discuss this amongst other points so watch this space and the rescheduled date will be posted as soon as it is decided. You will be given plenty of notice to prepare for the rescheduled date.

Thanks, roll on Round 3! AND good weather! :rolleyes: :p