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big al
20-09-2003, 01:57 AM
Hiya, just let you all know that all clubs running meeting may need to check with there venues about health&safety issues reguarding temp rostrums.Alot of council buildings are requesting risk assessments before the events agreement. Its becoming a nationwide issue,It comes down to alot of injuries to people under the age of 16. Its not aimed at just model car racing but any activity in these sports halls. please check it out before you book a venue & rick assess the venue in writing & logg it so your covered.If you any advice on this matter please contact me as this is part of what i do for a living . the councils have been told to clamp down. cheers. Al )

20-09-2003, 05:25 PM

Can you please get in touch with Helen Wrightson re your post.
She is thesection safety officer and will be the central focus for coordinating safety related issues such as risk assesments etc.



bob burr
27-09-2003, 12:47 PM
Its getting stupid, Bedworth now has our own child safety officer (advised by council to have one) he had to go on a course, be vetted by the police the lot ?.