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08-01-2012, 09:41 PM
Hi there,

After breaking my leg and attending University back in 2006, this lead to a hiatus in 10th 2wd racing. After sorting out some bits and pieces whilst going through my old equipment, I have had an uncontrollable urge to take it back up, however, upon research online, a fair few things have changed in the previous 5 years, leading me to ask you faithful RC Race Chat users for some advice.

My current equipment line up consists of an RC10B4 Factory Team, still in pretty good condition and I have a pretty large spares box, 40 megahertz Ko Propo Transmitter and receiver combo, Ko Propo servo, M Troniks Cirrus Speed Controller, NiMH Cells and a selection of brushed modified motors ranging from 8t - 12t. From what I have read online etc, I believe my car and radio gear are still perfectly usable, yet my ESC and Motors may be pretty out dated? I believe that although the batteries have been stored correctly, these are more than likely past their best and will ultimately need replacing.

My main question is whether I should replace these with currently on the market NiMH cells, or take the leap and go straight into newer Lipo packs, with new brushless ESC and brushless motors, replacing most of the electrics in my car. What would you guys recommend to be competitive? I have no doubt that the top guys would use the latest systems, but are Lipo cells and brushless motors now pretty standard throughout the rest of the field? Or is there still a good presence of brushed motors etc at regional/national events?

Sorry about the length of this post, any information or advice no matter how big or small is much appreciated!

Many thanks,


09-01-2012, 11:14 AM
Alex, go for Lipo's, or in fact go for one lipo battery (or second as backup), the new technology will take some adjusting to but will save you time and money, we run all day on one battery, slap on charge after a heat, ready to go again, charge, run, etc. Much easier than NiMH, just follow the rules, always/must use a lipo dedicated charger, do not run until flat or below about 6.5v, (a cut off device can be fitted in the car) always store ¾ charged, charge at recommended amps, don't leave in the car connected even if switched off (seen a few discharged slowly this way), get a 'lipo bag' to charge in etc. So you need a battery, charger (best get one that balances) & a bag/pouch, some cables that may come with the charger, the battery will have a balance plug or point - this needs to be matched to the charger.

You can still use your brushed motors, but brushless has transformed this side of racing as well, almost fit & forget - no com or brushes to check/adjust. Motor & brushless ESC (ESC with built in cutoff for Lipo) should be sensored (much better).

B4 is still completive and loved, can go for midmotor conversion (X6 or Vega) but I would stay with it, you have spares, wheels and imperial tools etc. (we run 6.5 brushless in our X6 converted B4)

The other major change is 2.4g radio kit, no more crystals – auto picks a channel from 99 available, tranny is bonded to your receiver, this means there are less 40meg systems used and you will have less clashing crystal problems.

Visit a club you expect to race at, there has been a resurgence of 10th off road, I would expect all to be using Lipo & Brushless, most on 2.4g radio’s and all helpful and friendly, As its easier between heats racers have more time to chat and help, lots of good second hand kit around as well.

Current approved list can be found here, lipo will be updated soon, but added to rather than major change I expect http://www.brca.org/?q=content/homologation-lists-2012-updates/14218


Mark Christopher
09-01-2012, 05:31 PM
mick has about covered it, b4 is still good, get a lipo and compatable charger and use your speedo/motors up, once they worn out or you feel the need for brushless you will have picked up info on whats suitable and be able to go from there

10-01-2012, 09:56 PM
Thanks for the information guys and taking the time to write back to my post.

I have read that the Lipos are a lot more efficient than the older NiMH. I did go through my cells the other day and try to charge them, got a couple charged ok but I imagine that the punch is long gone! This at least allowed me to confirm that my radio gear is in full working order.

After reading some reviews and following your advice, I believe that Lipos, a new charger, brushless speedo and brushless motor is the way to go to get back on the track. I will venture down to my local track (Coventry) during their next meeting to see whats going on and the range of equipment which is being used, and hope to get back racing in time for the start of the summer regional series! I'll stick with the B4 for this year as it is still in pretty mint condition, a gear box service and shock oil change should see it race ready.

I suppose this just leaves me to ask what kind of equipment is popular with you guys? I know it changes from region to region but from other articles I have read, both Speed Passion Speedos and Motors seem a popular choice along with Losi Cells. What are your thoughts on these? Or would you recommend other brands? I see companies such as LRP are still making some nice stuff, but some of it at a premium price!

Thanks again for your responses, they really are much appreciated!


Mark Christopher
10-01-2012, 10:25 PM
the good thing with your car is companies offer mid motor conversions, xfactory, vega and the national winning car thet seems to be popular at the moment is the C4.1, look on cml site for more info, buy that conversion and you have the latest national championship car!
your speedo/motor will be fine with lipo, but if you have the cash go brushless, as for which one, all are pretty good, just stick to a branded name and buy in uk to get your warranty. as for lipo wait a while till the new brca lipo list comes out,(end of jan) dont get the losi short pack,, stick pack for your b4 but bare in mind if you do a mid motor conversion you will need saddle packs (which will fit your b4 too)
with lipo and brushless the cars have loads of power and you will never dump in 5 mins, you can get 2 or 3 runs from a good pack, charge use and then retop up after a cooling time (5 mins is normally ok while you marshal), get a balance charger (there is a good bantam bc6 on ebay which works from 12 volt or mains) dont discharge them before charging. buy a pt personal transponder from amb or mrt

11-01-2012, 10:12 AM
Coventry sounds good, depending where you are there is good indoor racing near Northampton/Silverstone and near Milton Keynes, nothing better than visiting trackside and don't be shy, ask questions and look closely at kit (there may be secondhand kit around), drivers (if nothings broken - asif) have more time between rounds these days.