View Full Version : Aldershot to allow SC

30-06-2011, 08:47 PM
Due to too many finding entry into the TC scene difficult and speed too high, we have decided to open the doors to 1/10th EP SC Trucks.

2 base classes - Stock & Sport

Stock is based around basic RTR Traxas Slash running the 86/23 option gearing and 12T 550 motor.
This model chosen as the box has all you need for a good low price, and is aimed at new and experienced racers.

Sport allows for 2 & 4wd, and Brushed motors down to 17T (SC10 RTR) and Brushless up to 3500kv (Slash RTR).

These will be run as On-Road with a minimum block tread size of 4mm x 4mm.

pm me for more details