View Full Version : section agm any news ?

31-10-2010, 08:35 PM
Hi due to family commitments was not able to go to the agm meeting does any body eho went have any news on what was agreed on regarding the format of next years nationals etc

01-11-2010, 10:00 AM
Not too many changes and none really major.

Format stays the same - 8 x 1 day meetings.

A few minor changes regarding length of warm up laps and start procedures for finals. Warm up is reduced from 2 mins to 90 secs - still enough time for 2 laps but saving about 15 mins on the day.

Finals will now be a MINIMUM of 12 minutes. Should help prevent people having to 'over lean' their engines 'trying for 10' to avoid a fuel stop.

After the pre-finals warm up laps all cars will be called into the pits and the mechanics will carry the cars across to the start grid when instructed. This will help make the start grid a bit less 'confused' and safer.

Couple of changes to when tracks can be used for practice by National competitors or their cars - I'm in work ATM and can't remember the exact wording. I'll check when I get home and post back later.

Bob Williams
BRCA RallyCross Section PRO