View Full Version : Potential massive cost savings at nationals

17-05-2010, 08:34 PM
I was at the STCC at Brookland last sunday and got chatting to a driver who will be nameless in this post, but who is a very respected driver.

We got chatting he was telling me that in about two months of racing he had spent over £1000 - most of which went on staying at B and B's etc.

Now from what I hear, and even if I am wrong this may still be of assistance - the numbers at nationals have dwindled a bit.

It seems that the 'credit crunch' has hit everyone quite hard.

Anyway enough of the pre-amble. What we discussed was accomodation and the suggestion that perhaps local drivers at nationals - ie Londoners in West London, Yorkshiremen in Halifax - and so forth, if they have a spare bedroom available, or decent space at the very least, make it available for drivers who would otherwise be paying through the nose for B&B.

I'm sure that the person staying can reciprocate the generosity, or alternatively the person can charge a nominal fee - ie a set of new tyres, £20, or a bodyshell.

It may be a bit late for the coming season, but it could stand to benefit a lot of people, and perhaps start of good friendships.

Please don't dismiss this as hairbrain please, it is a genuine and possible cost saving measure. It would be nice if people are interested to respond on this post, and possibly invite clubs to list members who may be willing to participate.

Thanks for reading