View Full Version : Read This Carefully !

Rob Fitzgerald
12-02-2009, 03:56 PM
For some reason the RallyCross section on RaceChat seems to be one of the more 'problematical' ones - therefore I would like you to refresh your memories with a few of the rules and codes of conducts here.

1 - If you choose to attack and abuse others here you will have your post/thread deleted and will most likely be banned from RaceChat.

2 - If your club is not RaceChat Affiliated you may NOT promote your club/event here.

3 - If your club IS RaceChat Affiliated then please follow the following procedure for promotion etc. Make the relevant post thread in your OWN section and make a simple post here linking to YOUR post thread - the one in this section should then be closed - all discussion should take place in YOUR section.

4 - If you are not a RaceChat Full Member then you may not post links or pictures.

Just think for a moment before making your post -
... could you word it a little better, does it sound harsh?
... could your post be considered abusive or overly confrontational, we should be able to have a debate (even heated) without getting out of hand
... If you have a grievance, could it be better discussed on a one on one basis, via email, PM, the phone or even better face to face ?

Apart from that please use the forums as intended and above all try at least to have fun !