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Matt Brewerton
03-01-2004, 02:59 PM
From information posted on the forum I will construct an FAQ section.
Please check this before you ask any questions.
If you would like something added to the FAQ then PM me.

Matt Brewerton
03-01-2004, 03:19 PM
When and where should the one way/spool be used and what are the characteristics?

Spool - Provides a fixed link between both front wheels and the diff to create maximum possible braking effect. The front wheels can actually lock up under braking. It creates more drive forward due to having no diff slip under acceleration.

1 way - Provides the front wheels with the ability to spin when the car is rolling and not under acceleration. Under acceleration a 1-way acts like the spool, direct drive and no diff slip. Whereas under braking the front wheels effectively disengage from the drive train allowing the rear wheels only to have the capacity to brake. It effectively means that you can only brake with a handbrake.

Usage - Both 1-ways and spools can be used at various tracks around the country. 1-ways are best suited on bigger more flowing tracks. The spool is better suited to tighter slower tracks. Basically a 1-way is used where corner speed is vital and the speed must be carried around the track. A spool is used on slow speed twisty tracks where the ability to brake and overtake is required.

Adv/Disadv - a 1-way will be more efficient on run time and easier on the motor due to the fact that you do not brake with it. With a spool you get alot of tyre wear due to both tyres effectively scrubbing through a corner. Fundamentally a 1-way will be easier on everything but not always faster around the track. Not to mention the spool feels like it understeers into the corner so a slightly different set-up is required to combat this. Maybe just stand the rear shocks up one on the back or lean the front shock down will help you achieve the extra initial turn in you will need.

Matt Brewerton
03-01-2004, 03:19 PM
How can I make my car freer?

To get the best out of the drivetrain then you need to tension your belts properly. They need to be as loose as possible without slipping or excessive vibration. The standard bearings are fantastic and don’t need to be cleaned before being put in the car.

Matt Brewerton
03-01-2004, 03:42 PM
What are the advantages of the optional pulley set?

Firstly the final drive ratio changes from 2.125 to 1.77. The major benefit of the 1.77 pulley set is that the centre pulleys are larger so that the belts are not being pulled round such a small diameter as with the standard pulleys. This means less force is wasted in doing this thus giving a freer drive train. Also as the diff pulleys are smaller the dust covers are higher around the pulley giving you the option to run the belts even looser than with the standard pulley set.
(The diff pulley change from 34teeth to 32 teeth and the centre pulleys change from 16teeth to 18teeth)
They do make a difference and are well worth the investment, especially in 27t.

Matt Brewerton
03-01-2004, 03:48 PM
What are the handling differences between the carbon chassis and the plastic tub chassis?

The plastic chassis allows slightly more flex which results in the car being easier to drive and it may feel more consistent. However your ultimate lap will be faster with the carbon chassis.

Matt Brewerton
03-01-2004, 04:03 PM
What are the advantages of the short wishbones?

They alter the roll centre of the car which results in the car generating more traction, this gives faster cornering speeds which should result in faster lap times.

To fit these to the car you need to mount the pivot pins on the outside of the bulkhead. At the front you may need to file away some of the pin holder. To do this you need to be using the plastic pin holders (as on T1R). Alternatively you can mount the servo on the other side of the posts making it stick out the side of the chassis a little bit more, this will prevent the need for any filing.

Matt Brewerton
22-02-2004, 11:08 PM
Belt tension on your bulkheads.

Some instruction manuals contain a mistake on the page on belt tension adjustment. To tighten your belts you should rotate the eccentric nylon hubs clockwise(This is what the manual says), however if you want it to be tighter you need to rotate them anti-clockwise

Matt Brewerton
16-03-2004, 09:11 PM
Shock building and Rebound by Ben Cosgrove.

Fill the shock body to top with oil, pump the piston to remove air, place diaphram and cap on to the shock body, tighten cap all the way. There should be a little leakage as the excess oil escapes. This is to have medium rebound

For no rebound use the same method and once complete loosen the top cap 2 full turns and push the piston all the way up, then tighten the cap. This will give less rebound.

The foam 'bits' for the shocks are to increase rebound, the shocks should be built as the medium rebound suggests but they should be inserted in between the diaphrams and cap.

Rebound I hear you say??

Refers to the rate at which the damper will extend after compression.

Doesn't the spring control this??

Well yes and no. the harder the spring then the more force you will have on the tire thus working it harder. Also a harder spring will make the car worse on bumps.

What are you actually saying??

Well on tarmac the dampers have to respond very quickly to bumps and ruts in the surface. Running a harder spring may actually give you more grip but it makes it harder to drive. You can get the same effect from rebound as a spring. The rebound will force the damper to react quickly to bumps allowing softer springs to be run and an easier car to drive with high grip levels.

So we want rebound then??

Well indoors on carpet you dont necessarily need to have the damper working so hard. A harder spring is usually beeter as grip will increase along with reactiveness (to an extent). Rebound on carpet can cancel out the spring effect and give you less grip. On tarmac i think you would want it.

Its something to play around with and depends greatly on driving preferences and track conditions. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts.

**X-Ray now have a super smooth shock seal/o-ring set which really improves the shock action without leakages** should be out very soon if not allready out i think.

Hope this helps