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29-11-2003, 01:14 AM
hi peops . i am new here and to rc cars. 3 months in and i got 3 bloody cars lol.. and a broken wallet :(.. anyway have to say from what i'v seen this is a nice site ;).. what i wanted to ask is i have recently bought a tamiya tl01 kit. i already got a trinity reflex nt with a picco 1.2 3 port turbo (fast). so with the stock motor in the tl01 it was'nt fast enough for me (being used to the trinity) since then i got a fusion motor, no limits speed controller, shocks , bearing's,speed tuned gear,2400 sanyo batt ,

to break in the new fusion motor i connected it to a small aa batt 1.2v and let it run out. is this ok ??..

and i wanted to know what you guys' think of fusion motors ? is it worth the money ? i paid 56 quid for it :o.. lol .. thanks in advance for any help...............

30-11-2003, 12:19 PM
no one willing to help a noobie...... :(

30-11-2003, 12:25 PM
to break in the new fusion motor i connected it to a small aa batt 1.2v and let it run out. is this ok ??..

This is fine, however I would use a 4.8v Sub C pack, as a standard AA doesn't really have the proper umph, personally I also run in the motor at the neutral point, weather new or just skimmed, then set your advance.

As for this specific motor I have not run one so I can't comment.

30-11-2003, 12:27 PM
Well its kind of after the horse has bolted, as you already have one!! I am sure as long as you look after it, skim the comm regularly and re brush when necessary it should perform well. The price you paid is on par with other full blown modifieds.

30-11-2003, 12:38 PM
thanks for the help guys :). sorry got some more question's ..
can i get the comm skimmed for me at the hobby shop ?
how often should i cut it ? and how do i know when brushes need changing ?...
sorry for the noobie questions . i feel real stupid right now :( .... but i got to learn ..

30-11-2003, 12:46 PM
Most Hobby shops should be able to skim your motor, but your best bet would be at the club, I'm sure that at least one person has a lathe and would do it for a small charge. As to how often, thats a how long is a piece of string question.

It depend on how hard you race, and how competitive you want to be, on club meeting as we run 3Q + 3F I usually try and skim the motor between the heats and finals, however on our championship meeting I try and do it every other run and at the nationals usually every run, depending on what motor I run. As for brushes, at club level I change mine say every 6 or 7 meeting, as at club meetings we (the top drivers) have a gentleman's agreement to run a 17 turn motor so the younger/inexperienced drivers run closer, but at championship meetings as well as nationals it realy depends on how quick they wear, for a 12 if you are running well at club level, every couple of meetings.

30-11-2003, 01:08 PM
i see what you mean by a piece of string ;) thanks for helping me understand that cheers andrew..

i am only really carpark bashing at the moment .. the only club near me is crystall palace in london. and thats miles away from me so i rarely go there. i dont think they run electric either.. so untill i get of my ass or they open a club near me ..its asda car park for me lol...

do i need to be changing brushes and skimmimg comm's as often in my case ?..

30-11-2003, 01:23 PM
Most probably, yes.
If you leave it too long between skims the wear will be excessive and shorten the life if your motor.
If you are doing a lot of "bashing" then you should consider going fo a brushless motor setup.

30-11-2003, 01:36 PM
hhhhm brushles hey.. sounds nice not having to change brushes.. how much is a comm skimming setup ? you guy's are like a tag team :) who's next to help me i wonder ;D.

30-11-2003, 01:47 PM
A decent comm lathe with a diamond tip is going to be in the region of £200.
If you are prepared to spend that for bashing, then definitely get a Brushless motor.

30-11-2003, 02:21 PM
cheers doomanic ..damn 200 this is becoming a very expensive hobby . brushless it is then . when i eventually kill this 1..

30-11-2003, 03:47 PM
If you're bashing then you can use a smaller pinion than you would for racing and the motor will last longer between skims and brushes.

30-11-2003, 07:57 PM
just to let you know i have a 12#2 and 12#3 fusion motors both feel really good when racing at regionals,
the only thing i would say is not to get too get soft motor brushes as the springs on the motor are hard ones so will wear down very quickly

02-12-2003, 02:11 PM
chees charlie ill try that ;).. and thanks for the info on the springs anth ;)

02-12-2003, 03:50 PM
if we are talking about LRP Fusion motors then they are very good 8)

with regard to changing brushes, I would definately change brushes with each new skim, I treat this as 1 job, I have never just brushed, or just skimed.
its always skim and brush at the same time for me