View Full Version : Problems with my EB4 S2 Pro

27-12-2005, 01:28 PM
Hi all...

Sorry but im new to this so please bare with me if i ask something really easy. I have an EB4 S2 Pro which i love yet im having trouble starting it at the moment. It hasnt really been started for a while as we have moved house and got married so the fun hasnt really got going with the car.

Still since it has been a while i have replaced the glow plug and glow start with new ones and obviously tested them before installing. Seems to glow fine. However when it comes to starting the car it seems to really struggle, it will often fire up but then quickly stalls etc. Im starting to think that the fuel isnt really getting to the engine or something? Or maybe my settings on the car are not right... Like i said im pretty new to this and really want to get involved, bought a decent car but im really struggling. Any basic steps i could try would be really really appreciated.

Im near York if anyone nearby has any ideas...


30-12-2005, 11:06 AM

As you said the cars been stored for a while check fuel lines, filters & the bronzed filter in the tank. If fuel was left in system prior to storage as the fuel evaporates the oil remains & will congeal in them over time causing blockages, clean / blast through with an aerosol electric motor cleaner as it breaks down oil & flush clear with fuel.
If the engine was stored with alot of after run oil it may take time to clear.
other than that leave the glow stick on longer till engines warmer.


30-12-2005, 01:47 PM

Thanks, i got it sorted in the end, the jet was slightly bent and needed replacing and re adjusting... all sorted and flying now... thanks anyway...