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02-05-2005, 12:01 PM
Are trophies presented at every round of the championship, or are they just at the end of season for the championship overall?

This will not effect me as I haven't raced for 12 years :D


02-05-2005, 01:09 PM
at of the season depending upon your positioning in each class i think

but a saying i have heard 'dont worry about trophys just worry abou tthe fun of it all because at the end of the day your racing a toy car for a plastic trophy'

just enjoy yourself like what i do and trophys will just come to you instead of worrying about them :cool: ;)

02-05-2005, 03:30 PM
thats right

Mark Stiles
02-05-2005, 08:24 PM
Trophies are presented at the end of the year to the top drivers in each formula of each class. It's usually the top ten I think, so in stock you'd have 1st - 10th in F1, F2, F3 and F4. That means that even if you are usually in one of the lower finals, you may still get a trophy if you do well in your formula championship.

The added bonus of there only being one trophy presentation per year is that the trophies are really nice (and big!). I'd rather it be done like it is and have a nice cup at the end of the year, rather than a chance of winning a bit of plastic at each meeting. :D